European Waste Water Management Conference



Engineering and Process Optimisation

Hydraulic design and its impact on the performance of the wastewater treatment works
Sherwood, J., United Utilities, UK

Optimisation of plastic media percolating filters performance through improved recirculation
Nikolova-Kuscu, R., Jarvis, S. and Brown, P., Thames Water Utilities, UK

Upgrading existing assets to improve operational performance – A complex problem with a simple solution: MBBR & IFAS
De Jean, E.1 and Jean, W.2, 1Veolia AnoxKaldnes, 2Veolia Water Technologies, UK

Optimisation of existing assets using intelligent dissolved air flotation
Gray, J.1 and Menkveld, W.2, 1Nijhuis UK and Ireland, 2Nijhuis Water Technologies, the Netherlands

Hybrid Activated Sludge: exploiting biochemistry to double capacity
Biddle, J., Bluewater Bio, UK

IFAS for highly cost-efficient performance uprating
O’Brien, L. and Cooper-Smith, G., Eliquo Hydrok, UK

Real Time Control (RTC): a step towards the digitalisation of our sewage treatment works
Bobbio, J. and Germain-Cripps, E., Thames Water Utilities, UK

Energy data management principles for water utilities
Gunaratnam, M.1, Cherchi, C.2, Badruzzaman, M.2, Grenfell, R.1 and Jacangelo, J.2, 1Stantec, UK, 2Stantec, USA

Optimisation of wastewater treatment using remote monitoring and enhanced analytics
Reeves, R., Southern Water, UK


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