European Waste Water Management Conference



Novel and Emerging Processes

Trends in advanced wastewater treatment: Implementing anaerobic secondary processes in the UK
Soares, A., Cranfield University, UK

Can EBPR plants perform better?
Dold, P. and Conidi, D., EnviroSim Associates Ltd, Canada

Fully-commercialised, fully-anaerobic wastewater treatment technology
Keenan, M., EKO GEO, Slovenia

C-TECH – A reduced footprint advanced cyclic activated sludge technology with simultaneous nitrification and denitrification, and biological phosphorous (bio-P) removal in a single treatment step
Hazard, B.1, Bullen, T.1, Jabornig, S.2 and Wurscher, K.2, 1Trant Engineering, UK 2SFC Umwelttechnik, Austria

MAUI: a new system for monitoring of possible harmful compounds input for wastewater treatment systems
Calabrese, A.1, Blonda, M.1, Casale, A.2, Casale, B.1, Mauro, R.1, Dimucci, A.2, Matrino, D.3, Sarcina, V.2, Uricchio, V.F.11CNR-IRSA, 2Omnitech Srl, 3Secure to Future Srl, Italy

Performance improvement of wastewater transport systems and treatment processes by advanced monitoring and predictive control
Icke, O.1, Lubbers, C.1, van Eijden, R.1, de Koning, M.1, Huising, C.2 and de Wit, R.3, 1Royal HaskoningDHV, 2Water authority Vallei en Veluwe, The Netherlands, 3Water board Limburg, The Netherlands

Nereda®: The future in sustainable wastewater treatment
Thompson, A. and Oliver, B., Royal HaskoningDHV, UK

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