European Waste Water Management Conference




What to do with the phosphorus – a European perspective
Thornton, C., European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

Alternative configurations for biological phosphorous removal – experience from the United States
Koodie, T.1, Shaw, A.1, Chan, T.2 and Steichen, M.2, 1Black & Veatch, UK, 2Black & Veatch, US

Ferric direct from steel – a game-changing solution for P removal with Soneco®
Stanford, C.1, Yang, G.1 and Morgan, G.2, 1Southern Water, 2Power and Water (KP2M Ltd), UK

Initial commissioning and operating experiences of low phosphorus limits of 0.5mg/l P
Sunner, N.1 and Mansuclal, A.2, 1Stantec UK Ltd, 2Stantec Treatment Ltd, UK

From Bowerhill to Rugby – The implementation of the BioMag process in Severn Trent Water waste water treatment works at Rugby
Radford, S.1, Ruswa, E.2 and Goodwin, J.1, 1Evoqua, UK 2Severn Trent Water, UK

Meeting low phosphorous consents and other targets in a single stage using continuous filtration
Barter, P. and Jarman, D., Hydro International, UK

The impact of entrapment of algae on simultaneous nutrient removal
Kube, M.1, Spedding, B.2, Fan, L.1 and Roddick, F.1, 1RMIT University, Australia, 2South East Water Corporation, Australia

FilterClear – an ideal solution to achieve stringent total phosphorus standards
Huo, C., Harnett, R. and Biddle, J., Bluewater Bio, UK

1-STEP® filter: the Magic Bullet for phosphorus and nutrient removal
Merks, C.1, Menkveld, W.2, Gray, J.3 and Bechger, M.4, 1Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers, the Netherlands, 2Nijhuis Water Technology, the Netherlands, 3Nijhuis Industries UK & Ireland, 3Waternet, The Netherlands

Monitoring the biological phosphate removal using an online respirometer
Li, X., Gomez, J., Taylor, R., Price, D., Rickett, T., Kruger, R., Bactest, UK

Leading the way with Mecana for low effluent P concentrations
O’Brien, L. and Cooper-Smith, G., Eliquo Hydrok, UK

Does ferric dosing for phosphorus removal upset the nutrient balance for biological sewage treatment processes?
Youdan, J., Healey, S., Walker, H. and Whittle, I., Wessex Water, UK

Risk managed portfolio approach to delivering phosphorus removal schemes
Curtis, P., and Williams, S., @one Alliance, UK

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