European Waste Water Management Conference



Priority Substances and Emerging Contaminants

UKWIR Chemical Investigation Programme – Developments, outputs and investment
Jenner, S.1 and Hughes, J.2, 1United Utilities, UK, 2Thames Water, UK

C-ION – An innovative advanced oxidation process based on the injection of non-thermal plasma for the removal of trace substances from drinking and waste water
Hazard, B.1, Bullen, T.1, Jabornig, S.2, Wutscher, K.2, Rupprich, M.3 and Obholzer, T.3, 1Trant Engineering, UK, 2SFC Umwelttechnik, 3Management Centre Innsbruck, Austria 

Photo-catalytic removal of pollutants under solar radiation using semiconductor nanoparticles
Yadav, O.P., CCS Haryana Agricultural University, India

PR19 Solutions for removal of priority substances
How, D.1, Piano, E.1,  Glancy, V.1,  Bahloul, M.1, and Hill, M.2,  1Arup, UK, 2Yorkshire Water, UK

Effective removal of priority substances using the Nyex™ treatment process
Brown, N., Carson, E. and Campen, A.K., Arvia, UK

Elimination of micro pollutants by powder and granular activated carbon in final filtration units at municipal WWTPs
Kolisch, G.1, Taudien, Y.1, Bornemann, C.2, 1Wupperverbandsgesellschaft für integrale Wasserwirtschaft mbH, Germany, 2Wupperverband, Germany 

Removal of emerging contaminants and pathogens on an innovative hybrid PAC/membrane process
Sauvignet, P.1, Gaid, K.1, Daines, C.2, Leparc, J.2, 1Veolia, Technical and Performance Department, France, 2Veolia Environnement Research & Innovation, France

Dr. Rachel Gomes, Associate Professor Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Nottingham University

Jason Snape, Senior Principal Environmental Scientist/ SHE Research and Foresight Director at AstraZeneca

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