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Process Emissions – measurement, mitigation and holistic thinking

Conference Day 2 – Wednesday 3rd July

Process Emissions Panel Discussion

An expert panel will discuss their experience and aspirations relating to process emissions. Each panel member will give a short presentation on their specific experience with process emissions followed by an interactive discussion and Q&A.


What are we doing well? What are we doing badly. What should we be doing? What shouldn’t we be doing?

Emissions measurement

  • Liquid phase or gas phase or both?
  • What’s the point of measuring N2O without NH3?
  • Biokinetic modelling – fact or fiction?

Emissions mitigation

  • Advanced process control.
  • Is minimising aerobic treatment the holy grail?
  • Designing out process emissions.
  • Maximising denitrification.

Holistic thinking

  • Carbon tunnel vision.
  • It not all about N2O. What about CO2, CH4, NH3?
  • NH3: to treat, or not to treat.
  • Scope 3 emissions.
  • Nature based solutions.

Wrap Up

If the panel members had a magic wand, what would they do, and what is their take home message?

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