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Conference Programme

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With 50+ speakers spanning 12 technical sessions, the event programme offers something for everyone with an interest in wastewater treatment.

2021 Sessions

Digital Approaches
Granular Activated Sludge
Instrumentation and Monitoring
Design Approaches
Process Intensification
New and Emerging Technologies
Ammonia Conversion
Net Zero
Circular Economy
Natural Solutions
Bathing Waters

Keynote Talks

Wastewater-based Epidemiology and Digital Transformation: Their role in building Water-Smart Cities
Prof Dragan Savic, CEO, KWR Water Research Institute, the Netherlands

Over the last year and a half, we have seen how sewage has become a ‘mirror of society’ as it can tell many things about the population connected to the sewer system. COVID-19 sewage water research, or “wastewater-based epidemiology” and its interpretation has become of vital importance worldwide. It gives decision-makers a basis upon which to take extra precautionary measures or start easing them. Digital transformation of the water sector has started even earlier, but accelerated during the pandemic period. Various new digital technologies have found their way into daily practice. This talk will provide an outlook on how digital technologies and wastewater-based epidemiology will benefit the industry and society beyond the latest pandemic.


Fate of microplastic particles during wastewater and sludge treatment – a comprehensive approach
Katrin Bauerfeld, Technische Universitaet (TU) Braunschweig, Institute for Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Germany

The effect of different wastewater treatment processes on microplastic particle (MPP) reduction has already been comprehensively discussed in many international studies. However, the overall removal performance of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is difficult to assess as methods for microplastic (MP) determination are not standardized. In addition, the more complex interaction of MP and sewage sludge and the role of sludge treatment processes remain insufficiently investigated. Therefore this presentation provides final results regarding detailed long-time monitoring of process efficiency considering not only conventional wastewater treatment but also enhanced MP reduction by different on-site filtration units at a large WWTP in Northern Germany.

2021 Programme

Join us at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham, or virtually through our event platform.


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Event Testimonials

“From start to finish the presentations were of the highest quality, demonstrating some great examples of science and innovation, tackling the big challenges in the global water sector. The rich diversity of the attendees over the two days also made the conference a fantastic networking opportunity as well as being able to see the latest technology on display.”

Chief Executive


“Great chance to meet folks from other water companies and suppliers, do a bit of knowledge exchange, find out what else is going on in the industry and see what learnings I can bring back.”

WW Resilience and Regional Strategy Team Leader

Scottish Water

“The EWWM conference was expertly planned, organised and hosted by Aqua Enviro. There were ample opportunities given for delegates to absorb cutting edge knowledge in a host of inspirational talks, and have abundant networking opportunities with fellow water industry professionals in between talks, both in person and online. I was able to meet so many fantastic people willing to share their experiences and offer advice. As a first-time conference attendee, I would certainly recommend this wonderful event to anyone with a passion for water, whether you are a research student like me, early stage professional or are highly experienced in the water industry, I have no doubt you will learn so much from the experience of others at the conference. I certainly hope to have the opportunity to return to EWWM in future years!”

PhD Student

University of Leeds

“The very latest and most innovative wastewater treatment from all across Europe, all in one place.”

Business Development Manager

NVP Energy

“The premier wastewater event in the UK. The delegate list is made up process engineers and technology specialists. I would recommend this event as it’s a great opportunity to learn more about emerging technologies and also discover how previous technologies have performed during testing.”

Business Development Director

Trant Engineering

“This conference provides an excellent opportunity to catch the latest trends in the water and wastewater sector. I have learned tremendously from this conference and I had the opportunity to talk with other remarkable speakers and inspiring technicians in the field. Highly recommended.”

(Global Market Director

AST - Environmental Solutions and Services, Lda.

“Good atmosphere, interesting topics, very professional organisational team and realisation, the chance to join virtually is a huge advantage during this time of travel restrictions.”


Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany

“The EWWM is one of the must-attend events in the UK water industry, both to catch up and to get insight on wher ethe industry is going. The team are also very helpful in trouble-shooting any organizational issues to ensure the event runs smoothly and a pleasant experience for all.”

Product Line Manager

Createch Solutions

“The breadth of representatives from the Water Industry provided a rich insight into the current position of Water companies and the challenges the industry is facing. It was great to speak to so many different people and learn about the new technologies that are arriving into the industry.”

Graduate Process Engineer

Trant Engineering

“The conference provided an opportunity to meet a wide range of professionals for both formal presentations, and informal exchange of news and ideas, and building relationships.”

Principal Process Engineer

Unities Utilities

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